we're up all night to find bucky.
  jay. 24.

"marshmallowy mama bearness with a side of lensflares wrapped in a cosmic bowtie." so says jabs  


#i bet they attended the same long-suffering best friend seminar #how to say no when your asshole bff wants you to do something ridiculous and life-threatening #and at 2:30 this afternoon: how to cope with being cockblocked for the rest of your life

It’s all good.


Family fun time with Mike and Mum



Sherlock/Elementary crosssover where Sherlock!sherlock is rude and dismissive towards Joan and then Elementary!sherlock beats the shit out of him (◡‿◡✿)

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"The East wind is coming, Sherlock. It’s coming to get you."

Staying alive… It’s so boring, isn’t it? It’s just - staying…

and i’d choose you.